My Journey

We are all born Tantric: natural, authentic, fearless and joyful. As the years pass, while being affected by the rules of our busy society, by the speed of life, by the moral codes we have been taught- we start to loose it and forget how to be in Tantric Bliss (the state of being who we are completely and totally) Then we fall asleep and become unconscious about Life and our self as a part of it.

My re-awakening spiritual journey started twelve years ago when I discovered the healing modality of Reiki and become the Reiki Master Teacher. It helped me to heal my soul, awakened my energy and intuition as I started opening the door into this amazing world of transformation, where Tantra appeared in front of me, revealing itself later as the most revolutionary method.

The moment I discovered what Tantra really is and what new perspective and possibilities it could give me, I knew - I was finely on the right way home.

My own understanding of Tantra is returning to Self, becoming whole and complete, opening your heart to love and balance within yourself the energy of “doing” and “being”.

Seeking for real knowledge, I  have traveled the world from Hawaii to Bhutan, attending countless Tantric classes, workshops, trainings  and courses to learn more about this ancient Sacred Art. Tantra became my lifestyle, the way of thinking and feeling. I got intensively trained in the Tantric and Taoist arts, as well as I have explored the world of healing arts,shamanism, yoga, dance, Sufism, and process oriented psychology.

My passion is to facilitate and witness people’s transformation and opening to their highest potentials .

In our Tantric sessions together I'll create for you a journey of a deep human connection,  where I'll  hold a Sacred Space of light and love for your Transformation and Awakening.


"There is some kiss that we want with our whole lives, The touch of spirit on the body." ~ Rumi