Welcome to my Sacred Space, where you will be taken care of, loved, nurtured, pampered, appreciated, inspired, rejuvenated and given a gift of beautiful loving bodywork to let got of stress and fatigue. I intuitively know what do you really need once you will be in front of me.

Your FAQ is what there to expect? My answer is- please let go of expectation and have a clean canvas, where we both could draw on together. It's your JOURNEY.

My session is a Direct Experience of a Deep Connection. And its up to YOU how you wish to create it. It could be educating; playful, fun and frisky; deeply relaxing & nurturing, or the mixture of all.

- I will show you how high you could fly.
- I will hold you grounded while you soar into your Bliss.
- I show you the way and help you to reach Your Highest Potentials.

I invite you to join me on a experiential and transformative Tantric journey of body-mind-spirit-exploration.

It's a deeply NURTURING "Feel good" Experience!
De-stress and De-compress.

YOU:- longing for deep relaxation, nurturing and letting go
- open to receiving love, appreciation and healing
- seeking genuine connection
- longing for deep relaxation, nurturing and letting go
- willing to discover and celebrate your True Self
- ready to master your energy and bring it on the next level

ME: Radiant Embodiment of Divine Feminine
- Experienced Intimacy Coach and Tantric Guide
- Skillful Tantrica, nurturing Energy Healer, Master of Tantric and Taoist Arts
- Associate Educator with Divine-Feminine Institute
- Woman of Wisdom, who intuitively knows what you really NEED

- "Bliss":
Focusing on: deep relaxation, pampering, de-stress, decompress, letting go, nurturing, and healing
* Relaxing guided meditation to saturate your being with peace
* Stress-releasing and luxurious body- or foot-bath ceremony
* Deep meditation and breathing practices
* Nurturing healing, body and energy work

- "Shiva":
Focusing on: Infusing your intimate relationship with Tantric Bliss
* Learning practical knowledge of Tantric and Taoist arts
* Joyful practices for mastering your energy and increasing your stamina
* Intimacy consulting to become a better lover and improve/enhance your relationship

- "Blissful Shiva":
Eclectic fusion of deep relaxing body work and education in the Tantric and Taoist ancient wisdom practices.

My intuitive loving nurturing and yet very tantalizing touch will allow you to feel complete bliss and deep relaxation while you surrender into my exquisite bodywork.

How it will make you feel:
After our amazing journey you will arrive back in yourself feeling deeply relaxed, open, nurtured and loved and ready to make new conscious steps fully loving yourself and others.

Feeling inspired? Email me for appointment at blissfulljourneys@gmail.com.

Looking forward to connecting with you!!