The Way to Bliss

"You entered this world as the embodiment of Bliss…You can choose to live in Bliss every moment". -Bodhi Avinasha

Every one has his/her own definition of the precious, delicious state of Bliss.It is something unique and special when your whole being expands – mind, body, and sprit filling with love and peace, radiating beautiful light from the inside.
Bliss is deep connection with yourself, your partner and with the whole world, based on making commitment to love.

You will find your own path to bliss - it is part of your journey – but here are some keys to help you:
- Open your heart
- Feel presence of the Divine in you and others
- Be in the moment, totally present
- Be grateful for everything (even bad or sad things – they are "treasures" which will help you to grow)- the state of gratitude is the fastest way to Enlightenment
- Be authentic with your feelings- Be in a state of witness, without judgment
- Don't feel attached to the results
- Just BE

Practical Tips:
To help you find your own way, take a moment, sit down, take some deep breaths first, tune into yourself and then make a list of all your favorite things and the things you truly enjoy doing (from your favorite food, movie, or perfume, to dancing or shopping for fun...) When you experience the things you love in your life, be totally present. Be in that moment like a sponge. Absorb the sensations of joy, happiness, pleasure and fun. Remember them so you can recall them later and be in a total state of Bliss any time you desire.

"Relate that to something you have known. Recall a moment in your life when you felt free completely safe, totally loved, exalted, unbounded, connected to all existence, excited but deeply relaxed. The world was so beautiful you could hardly contain it. Perhaps it was a moment during orgasm or when you had just fallen in love. Remember a moment that stands out from all others. Let this be the standard by which all the rest are measured. You know this is possible. Why settle for less?" Bohdi Avinasha

TANTRA is showing you Your Way to BLISS

"Tantra is the total surrender, or letting go of all mental, emotionaland cultural conditioning, so that universal life energy may flow through you like a river without any effort. It is a letting go to a universal love. When fear is removed, Tantra remains." ~ Osho

"A rose is an opportunity for beauty to happen. The physical body is an opportunity for love to happen. Tantra is an opportunity for Godliness to manifest through us, so that we, as limited beings, can share the ecstasy of the Universe." ~ Osho