What is Tantra?

Tantra is an ancient sacred spiritual practice, way of conscious living and loving, originated from India and Tibet. The word "Tantra" from Sanskrit means literally: "expansive weaving". You may translate it for yourself as expansive weaving of your spirit into your body. The other way of translation of this word could be as " expansion through liberation", which means you can be liberated by expanding your consciousness. Only in the expanded state you will discover your true Self. Tantra teaches your how to live consciously in every moment, approaching it from the state of total alignment of spirit, mind and body, being aware about energy flow. It's a connection between "being" and "doing"- path towards rediscovering your own power and your inner truth. Finding the source of Bliss within.
Being Tantric means fully accepting and celebrating of your body, emotions, spirit, mind and sexuality.

"The highest possible synthesis between love and meditation, Tantra is also the connection between the third dimension and other planes of existence beyond mere materiality. While not a religious philosophy, Tantra embraces a deep spiritual understanding of life, and an ancient art of living in harmony with existence." Osho

"When your ego falls in love with your Soul, and becomes its devoted servant, you are then living in the cosmic flow. Your life becomes a magical series of synchronicities. Existence provides for your needs with ease and grace. Your Heart's desires are realized." Bodhi Avinasha

Tantra is awakening of your consciousness to see your Divine nature.
- is the practical path of self-realization
- is constant awareness, wholeness and inner vision
- is love, rapture, and bliss
- is feeling of oneness
- is joy of intimacy

"Tantra is Yoga of expanded Sex" Bodhi Avinasha "Tantra is an ancient path of self- development that regards sexual energyas the primary manifestation of our life force." Cassandra Lorious

Why Tantra?

The best gift that Tantra could give you is the ability to bring transformation into your love life. By choosing practicing Tantra you may notice that:
- Your life is getting more satisfying, tasteful and full of colors and sensations.
- Your relationship with your partner will become more intimate, you will be more sensitive to each other
- You will learn techniques how to activate and transmute your expanded sexual energy, stay juicy, become a better lover.
- You will discover zesty realms of sensuality, increase trust and devotion and experience the immense Bliss, available to you.
- You will be guided through the gateway of love to be open for the spiritual bliss.
- You will be able to say YES to love, pleasure, desire, life and joy, as well as manage anxiety, release gilt, shame and transform fears into love.
- You will liberate yourself from feelings of shame, gilt, fears of intimacy, from social pressures, boundaries.

The unique way of Tantra is to help you to discover different treasures and help you to access them whenever you need.
The goal of Tantra is to promote the union of healthy, fulfilling sexuality, enlightening spirituality and transcendental love.
Tantra is a powerful means of refreshing and revitalizing your relationship.
The main message of Tantra is to stay present IN A MOMENT and activate all your senses. When you are in the moment, your feel, hear, taste, sense much richer, you are embracing life consciously and fully. Only being in a Moment you could experience and feel love, be one with God."Stay present with whatever aspect of your humanness or divinity is asking for in the moment, simply witnessing it without judgment." Bodhi Avihasha

Tantra is a way of conscious living and loving.